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The Walking Dead 3.12 – Clear

We’re all in agreement that this was an outstanding episode, right?  The full circle? The parallels between all the families, choices people have made, and how one bad decision can completely change your outcome?

And seriously, this has to be the stinkiest car ride in road tripping history.

And seriously, this has to be the stinkiest car ride in road tripping history.

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The Walking Dead 3.11 – I Ain’t A Judas

Something brain-dead this way comes.

Something brain-dead this way comes.

Hey, is tonight the night when we all finally stop hating Andrea? Is this the episode where she stops going full Andrea? SPOILER ALERT: Nope. I have never wished to stone-stomp a living being as much as I did after watching this damn show. [Not really. I ain’t American History X up in here.]

And wowee, was this a gory episode in places! MY FAVE. Let’s break this shizz down, folks!  Continue reading

The Walking Dead 3.7 – When The Dead Come Knocking


[Previously on The Walking Dead…]  Holy. Creepy. Sexual-Assaulty. There’s your trigger warning, sleeper cells. And let’s all just talk about how amazing Glenn Rhee is, because I now want my dream spin-off to include Glenn and Maggie with Daryl and Michonne. (Before, I just wanted two shows, one for fightin’ and one for lovin’. No reason we can’t combine them both!)

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The Walking Dead 3.6 – Hounded

Anyone else notice the red on this guy’s shirt? Ahem. And how do you pronounce that name again, fella?

We last left on a crazy cliffhanger in which Rick took a phone call 10 months into the zombie apocalypse.  And here I’ve been bad mouthing AT&T for their crappy service all this time!  But before we find out if the call was from the International Space Station or other stronghold (can you imagine being trapped in outer space when the world ended?), we take a little trip through the woods. Continue reading

The Walking Dead 3.5 – Say The Word

This man has lost his damn mind. THE WALKING DEAD on AMC, Sunday nights.

Did you think last week was dark? Because this is finding out who killed Laura Palmer dark. This is “What’s in the boooooox?” dark. This is Javier Bardem flipping a coin dark. This is as dark as the closet Kyle MacLachlan was trapped in as he watched Dennis Hopper beg Isabella Rossalini for “Mommy.” This is Sylvia Plath’s oven inside the smoke-filled Deliverance pig-hut, jammed up underneath Marlon Brando’s “Colonel Kurtz’s” cot straddling a pile of amputated baby arms dark. (Oh, the horror! The horror…)

THIS IS SOME DARK STUFF, IS WHAT I AM GETTING AT. So grab your Shake-n-Shine (the #1 flashlight for End Times!) and let’s go spelunking into the hellscape in which our gang now finds themselves. Continue reading