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TC: Just Desserts 210 — Finale

Jacques Torres, Stephane Treand, Sebastien Canonne, Johnny, and Gail.

For the previously segment this week we get clips from throughout the season, leading up to tonight’s FINALE! And what better way to start the finale than Chris “sparring” with Matthew (clad only in plaid boxers) first thing in the morning? It’s everything I’ve been waiting for. How about you? (I wanted to open with a photo of this, but don’t have a download yet. Le sigh.) Continue reading

TC: Just Dessert 2.09 — Dessert in Disguise

aka Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… Dyin’ time’s here.

It’s like Thunderdome meets March Madness up in here. We’re down to the  final four. And the delicious, delightful, darling Car Cora is going to be here. I’m having trouble concentrating at the prospect. Continue reading

TC: Just Desserts 2.08 — Step Right Up

aka The Greatest Freak Show on Earth

This week I decided to get drunk rather than watch the episode after it aired. So you’re getting a rushed recap. I hope it measures up. I don’t have a kitchen scale to weigh against previous weeks though. We’re down to five chefs. Two I love, two I run hot and cold on, and one I wish would just shut up and go home. I’ll let you guess who is who.

First thing we open with emotional backstory. Shoot me now, I think. But no… it’s actually tugging at my heartstrings. Who knew?

Continue reading

TC: Just Desserts 2.07 – Death by Chocolate

I have no snappy subtitle this week because frankly the main title is perfect.

Seven chefs remain. But by the end of the episode we were down to five for next week. It was a tough competition this week featuring two things I love: doughnuts and chocolate. We also got showpieces and teamwork, which tested not only the skill of the competitors, but the patients of this reviewer. Continue reading

TC: Just Desserts 2.06 — Sabotage

aka You gotta fight for your right to pastry

This week we’ve got non-traditional dessert foods. We’ve got two girls in one bed, two guys in adjoining beds, and Rebecca ready to jump our guest judge and do dirty things to him.  We’ve got ingredients like canned ravioli and falafel. And we’ve got a different than usual chef playing the bitchy role. Oh yeah… and we’ve got the banana game. Continue reading

TC: Just Desserts – 2.05 Make a Splash

aka I scream, you scream, It’s all about the ice cream machine.

Doesn’t this photo of Johnny just say it all? Do I really need an opening blurb this week? The things that man could do to me with that mouth. Add in some pastry and I am so there.

But this week we also get lesbian crushes, chefs in shorts, and the most unexpected kitchen cooperation moment in the history of TC:JD. Continue reading

TC: Just Desserts 2.04 – Pure Imagination

aka Willy WonkaWankfest

“You can suck them and suck them and suck them and they’ll never get any smaller. Never.”

Yes this week’s episode was about porn. Pastry chef porn. And boy were Johnny and Gail, as well as all of the chefs, excited about it. Continue reading

TC: Just Desserts 2.03 — Villa Rosa

aka “Duckie Dale Don’t Live in Beverly Hills”

This week we’re down to 12 chefs and there’s a massive explosion of pink. It’s everywhere — in the desserts and on the dessert table. And you’ll never guess who wins the Quickfire Challenge with a dessert I would love to try. Hint, it’s not Bitchy!Orlando. Continue reading

Review of Top Chef: Just Desserts 2.01 — Showpiece

“Showpiece,” aka The Bitch Ran Away with the Spoon

Welcome to season two of Top Chef:  Just Desserts. If you didn’t watch season one, get thee to iTunes (or your download site of choice) and check it out. Be warned, however; if you enter “just desserts” into a torrent search your first result could be Homemade BDSM Her Just Desserts, which I’m pretty certain is not about dessert (though it could be about pie or tarts). BDSM doesn’t stand for “Brownie Deluxe Sundae Magic.”  Well… not in this case, anyway. Continue reading