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Breaking Bad 4.07 – Problem Dog

<<KERSPLODY>> “No, I’m sure he’ll see me. Thank you.”

Jesse Pinkman can’t forget that he shot down Gale Boetticer in cold blood. And do you know why he can’t forget? Because he relives it over and over in his head as he plays first person shooter games with psychologically helpful names like Rage. The last thing he wants to do is forget, because then he might start to tumble down that slippery slope toward forgiving himself, and there’s no damn way he’s going to let that happen. He doesn’t want to be forgiven – he wants to be punished. And now that he’s no longer willing to punish himself because of his half-assed Gus inspired self esteem boost, who is he going to get to do the job for him? We shall see.  Continue reading