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Supernatural 8.21 – The Great Escapist


Good news! Sam and Dean have found their prophet. He’s back on Garth’s boat.

Kinda shaky news: their prophet is looking rough, yo.

Back on the plus side, it seems that even though Kevin ran away in a fit of insanity and anxiety, he hasn’t forgotten the fundamentals; super soak with holy water first, ask questions later. Especially when the Winchester brothers neglect to use the secret clubhouse knock. Nevertheless, the holy water has zero ill effect and they come bearing a gift: 50% of one mystical, magical piece of piety that they’ve stolen from Crowley using a bit of bait and switch. Kevin gets to work on translating and the boys leave him after Sam gives him a perky puppy of a pep talk.

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Supernatural 8.20 – Pac-Man Fever


Harry S. Truman is on the wall, Dixieland jazz is playing on the gramophone, Dean Winchester is in a military uniform with spit-slick, part-perfect hair and here we sit with absolutely zero explanation as to why we’ve time warped back to 1951. Dean doesn’t know what’s going on either, all he knows is he’s barricaded in and the music ain’t his scene, so he busts out. The hallway is carnage, dead nurses as far as the eye can see. The only clue we (Dean included) get is a newspaper declaring Truman’s denial of military experimentation.

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Supernatural 8.19 – Taxi Driver


Kevin Tran is hearing a voice in his head. Crowley’s voice to be exact. His voice is warning him that working with the Winchesters leads nowhere fast and if he thinks Crowley taking his finger was bad Kevin’s brain supplies the image and feeling of being a broken, maimed, bloody mess.

The next morning Sam and Dean pay a Kevin a visit. Kevin is a paranoid, unwashed mess babbling about Crowley living in his brain. Dean thinks Kevin needs to eat more Xanax. On the plus side, Kevin has translated the second trial: an innocent soul has to be rescued from Hell and returned to Heaven. Oh, gee, is that all. Continue reading

Supernatural 8.18 – Freaks and Geeks


Remember Krissy? Vaguely? Yeah, same here, but thankfully the previouslies are there to jog our memory about the child of a hunter going straight. There’s also a lot of vampire refresher course going on, so it’s safe to surmise that it’s gonna be of some import.

Conway Springs, Kansas, Krissy and a boy toy are sucking face in a parked car. A shadow streaks past the window and the kids seem freaked. That is until the boy hops out of the car and removes the shadow’s head from its shoulders (the shadow was actually a vampire, by the way). Another girl, Josephine, emerges from the shadow and we find out that the underage trio are playing bait and decapitate. The boy, Aiden, seems shook up but relieved.

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Supernatural 8.17 – Goodbye Stranger


SPN springtime hiatus is done.

And how do we come back? With a tooth and nail fight between Castiel and Dean. Wait… what? Yup, that’s right. Dean and Castiel are duking it out and Dean’s not doing so well. If you put money on Castiel taking Dean out with his angel sword you’d be a winner. And a sick son of a gun, too.

The lights come on and Naomi comes into the room, high heels tapping in an evil angel way. She’s proud of Castiel because she doesn’t have to give him two for flinching; he took Dean out like an assassin. Which, judging from the hundreds upon hundreds of Dean doppelganger corpses littering the floor, he’s had some practice doing for quite some time. Continue reading

Movie Recap: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


you're invited


(The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is in theaters now.)

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has been a long time coming. Like a thousand years? Probably that long. The Lord of the Rings films came out when I was in middle school, and as a result, I read all the books plus The Hobbit. The Hobbit was the only one I liked, as it was written on a sixth-grade level and also had a dragon, which to this day are the only ways you can get me to read a book.

However, I remember precisely zero percent of the book, so going into this movie was like going in completely blind (what’s a hobbit???). And it worked out for the best, I think. I wasn’t expecting anything, so I didn’t have a chance to be disappointed. I advise all potential viewers to pick fights in bars until someone punches all memory of the book from your brain, so you can enjoy the film without getting agitated about what is or isn’t there. Keep in mind that there are going to be three of these suckers, so there will be a lot of things that are/aren’t there.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. It had all the heartrending, breathtaking New Zealand scenery, frantic battle scenes, and gentle humor of the Lord of the Rings movies we loved, but with new faces. And whatever that framerate thing was all about. I didn’t notice a difference except during the fighting, and even then, it wasn’t that remarkable.


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The Bachelorette; Season Emily; Episode 7

Welcome to Prague. The perfect city to whittle down your step baby-daddy list!
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True Blood 5.01: Turn! Turn! Turn!

True Blood airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO
PREVIOUSLY: ALL THIS STUFF HAPPENED. Bill killed Queen Sophie-Anne and became King of Louisiana thanks to Nan Flanagan’s machinations; Sookie visited Ye Olde Fayerie Worlde, and it sucked a year out of her life (in addition to just sucking); Jason became a Hot Cop; Petunia Dursley was possessed by a Spanish ghost and did some witchy stuff that pissed the vampires off; Lafayette and his hot brujo boyfriend Jesus were messing with FORCES BEYOND THEIR CONTROL; Eric had amnesia due to witchy stuff and we discovered that he’s kind of a giant tool when he’s not being Eric Northman (SEX NARNIA!); Hoyt and Jessica broke up and it was the worst thing ever, but then she was naked on Jason Stackhouse so things were less terrible (but still terrible); there was some werewolf/shapeshifter business that ended with Alcide killing some greasy dude; SCOTT FOLEY SHOWED UP TO BE OMINOUS ABOUT OUR BEST BELOVED, TERRY BELLEFLEUR; King Russell Goddamn Edgington escaped from his cement prison; Lafayette got possessed by Petunia Dursley’s ghost and murdered Jesus, but since Lafayette is a medium, this may not be as bad as it seems (but it’s still terrible); the fact that Bill and Eric fucked around all season instead of acting like responsible adults comes back to bite them in the form of an edict from the vampire Authority, but Bill and Eric stake the messenger (Nan); Sookie breaks up with both Bill and Eric while they wear the most insanely homosexual matching striped bathrobes; Fucking Debbie Pelt drunks her way into Sookie’s house with a shotgun and shoots our other best beloved, Tara, right in the brain; and Sookie shoots Debbie right back.


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Movie Recap: The Avengers

The Avengers is in theaters now.

Also, for further reading: previous recaps for Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger.

The Avengers! Or, Armvengers: Operation Beefcake Extravaganza! It did not disappoint. In fact, it surpassed my wildest dreams. Yes, even those ones! Any reservations I had—Joss Whedon (STOP HISSING AT ME, INTERNET), too many main characters to give adequate time to everybody, fan-pandering in either the too much plot or too much character introspection directions, etc.—proved to be neither true nor particularly relevant. This was a fantastic example of an ensemble film, the character and the action were woven into each other quite seamlessly, and the writing was an absolute delight. Everybody had their own stuff going on, and all of their stuff interacted with everybody else’s stuff wonderfully.

I cannot overstate how happy I am with The Avengers, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. On to the recap!

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Whitechapel 303 – Case 2 part 1

Whitechapel - ITV

My poor heart has not quite recovered from last week’s finale of Whitechapel and ITV still hasn’t confirmed a fourth series. (Please, ITV! Pretty please!)

But series 3 is out on DVD today, so at least fans don’t have to go without. I’ll be recapping the old episodes, mostly for my own enjoyment, but I’m also hoping to get those unfamiliar with the show as hopelessly hooked as I am. Whitechapel isn’t a show. It’s a lifestyle. (What’s that from again? Gilmore Girls? I have a feeling it’s Gilmore Girls, but do correct me if I’m wrong.)

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