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Ringer 1.12 – What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?

Andrew faces off with his unstable ex-wife, while Siobhan's Enormous Head watches over them all!

Bridget leaves the longest voicemail message in the world for Malcolm, who, as it turns out, is now working for Martin-Charles, and has celebrated his employment by leaving town to visit his cousin during the work week.  Way to act like a model IT guy from the get-go, Malcolm.  Oh, fine, so you deserve a vacation after recovering from your forced-heroine re-addiction, beating, and dumping from Bridget.  Take a break, guy!  It’s not like there’s a major crime boss after you, making it dangerous for you to flit around wherever you please.  No, no, go on your little family trip.  Enjoy!

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Ringer 1.11 – It Just Got Normal

*gasp* Drunk teens? Accusations of crime? Buffy clocking Logan Echolls on the jaw like a boss? That's right, it's fund-raiser time! Oh, and the return of Ringer.

When a show is on hiatus for this long, you expect a dramatic moment right at the start.  And we get that right away in this episode of Ringer, when we find out the Bridget now has bangs!

Okay, perhaps a new hairdo is not terribly exciting, but those bangs are all that separate look-alike twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan this week.  Well, that and a glass shower door.  Because Siobhan is watching her sister shower, earning herself points as the biggest creeper of the season so far (and with this show, that is a serious accomplishment *starts a slow-clap*).

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Ringer 1.10 – That’s What You Get For Trying to Kill Me

Blackmail. Secrets. Awesome shoes. What you get for trying to kill me? SUCH a pinch from my spindly platform heels!

Bridget and Malcolm congratulate each other on having escaped the clutches of evil!Charlie, and Malcolm says he’s going to charge the cell phone he found while breaking into Charlie’s secret apartment.  The cell phone is obviously Gemma’s and not Charlie’s, except for how it is obviously not Gemma’s (come on, she’s sassy and brassy and fun!  Just look how funky she looks, even all kidnapped up!  Would she really have a plain black phone case?). Continue reading

Ringer 1.09 – Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna

Coffee chains, take note: there are so many meaningful coffee drinking scenes on this show! Get in on this!

Romance is in the air as Bridget!Siobhan and Andrew make out like a couple of teenagers.  We wait, breathless, trying to learn if this is code signifying they have already Done It despite her not really being the real Siobhan and supposedly pulling all of this identity-stealing temporarily, or if it is code that they will soon Do It, showing us the sexy dishonest preliminaries to even sexier deception and lies (and, well, sex)?  Continue reading

Ringer 1.08 – “Maybe We Should Get a Dog Instead”

Is one of us supposed to be a dog in this scenario?

Bridget!Siobhan and lovestruck-looking Andrew await the results of the baby sonogram.  And guess what?  If you guessed there’s a Malcolm-assisted baby in there, you…are…unfortunately wrong (because with those two as parents, how gorgeous would that child be?).  Nah, there’s no baby in there!  Bridget gives Andrew wary looks and Andrew looks, well, quietly devastated.    Continue reading

Ringer 1.07 – Oh Gawd, There’s Two Of Them?

Andrew and Bridget get closer to doin' it on the baby-makin' bench when more drama-rama unfolds.

Henry Butler hurries out of his brownstone, looking every inch the sullen murder suspect on his way to Starbucks to write some crappy fiction, only to be harangued by a crowd of merciless reporters.  But do they want to hear about his novel?  NO!  Those mournful pundits only want to know where his sugar-momma famous-architect possibly-dead-by-foul-play wife Gemma is.  Jerks.

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Ringer 1.06 – “Poor Kids Do It Every Day”

Puffy!Henry and Bridget!Siobhan discuss murrdeeerrrr!

Bridget wistfully hovers over a sleeping-off-the-junk Juliet, while on the night table the largest PB Teens lamp I’ve seen yet shines, just waiting to be broken in a future screaming fight.

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Ringer 1.05 – A Whole New Kind of Bitch

In the car ride from the Hamptons to Manhattan, Bridget keeps anxiously calling Gemma, whose fairly clever outgoing message is, “You’ve reached Gemma.  Don’t be boring.”  Seems Andrew and Bridget have to ferry Henry back to NYC, because Gemma totally deserted him at the Hamptons for being ridiculously boring.  He’s in the backseat complaining, and how much of the trip do you think he spent yammering on about his bad novel?  He’s the worst. Continue reading

Ringer 1.04 – “It’s Gonna Kill Me, But I’ll Do It”

Bridget waltzes in to the fancy Manhattan digs, and suggests to Andrew they get Chinese food from a spot nearby.  It’s obviously the last straw if she’s going to make him eat philistine Moo Goo Gai Pan, so Andrew lashes out that Siobhan hated that Chinese place, and he knows she’s Bridget Kelly.

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Ringer 1.03 — “If You Ever Want a French Lesson”

Bridget’s communing with the hit-man’s phone, reliving those great memories of shooting him, dumping him in the Titanic steamer trunk, and grabbing the phone from the dead man during her husband’s investors’ recruitment hootenanny.  Andrew interrupts to tell her Juliet won’t be in this episode.  It’s because they couldn’t fit in any mascara-tracked teenage angst…that is, druggie stepdaughter’s visiting her mother in Florida.  Bridget says, “Sometimes a girl just needs her mom.”  More than she needs rehab?  All righty.

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