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Doctor Who 7.13 – The Name of the Doctor

Saving the Doctor?  Clara's ready to do it All the Time!

Saving the Doctor? Clara’s ready to do it All the Time!

After multiple episodes of watching the Doctor fruitlessly shake his tiny fist at the why-are-there-multiples-of-her mystery that is Clara “Oswin” Oswald, the seventh season finale of Doctor Who at last takes on the big question: the hell is up with Clara?

Cue “Gallifrey, a very long time ago,” where Clara pops up to tell the First Doctor, just before he steals the TARDIS (and if that isn’t inserting Clara into the seminal moment, well, I don’t know what is), “Sorry, but you’re about to make a very big mistake.” Sassy, starting to tell the Doctor what’s what on Day One!  Also, who, where, what, howContinue reading

Doctor Who 7.05 – The Angels Take Manhattan

Amy and the Doctor read ahead, despite trying to avoid endings.

New York: the city of a million stories, or the city of A MILLION EVIL STATUES?  Let’s say both as we open in a classic noir vein, the steady thump of typewriter keying accompanying a sardonic voice over!  Detective Garner takes a job investigating “living statues that moved in the dark,” because that is sure to end well!

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