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Dexter 1.10-12 – Seeing Red, Truth Be Told, & Born Free

Wow, guys. Here we are: the last three episodes of Season 1. Everything is coming together, and there’s a lot to cover. Will Dexter find out who the Ice Truck Killer is? Why is Rudy so interested in Dexter anyway? Is Deb going to survive the only good romantic relationship she’s had? What’s going to happen to Rita and the kids now that Paul is showing his true colors? When am I going to stop asking questions and get to the recap?

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Dexter 1.7-9 – Circle of Friends, Shrink Wrap, & Father Knows Best

So, a LOT happened in this week’s episodes! We’re into the second half of the season and things are speeding up with a shock at every turn. There is quite a bit to cover, and this recap is a little longer than the previous ones, so let’s get to our favorite lovable serial killer.

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