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Whitechapel 303 – Case 2 part 1

Whitechapel - ITV

My poor heart has not quite recovered from last week’s finale of Whitechapel and ITV still hasn’t confirmed a fourth series. (Please, ITV! Pretty please!)

But series 3 is out on DVD today, so at least fans don’t have to go without. I’ll be recapping the old episodes, mostly for my own enjoyment, but I’m also hoping to get those unfamiliar with the show as hopelessly hooked as I am. Whitechapel isn’t a show. It’s a lifestyle. (What’s that from again? Gilmore Girls? I have a feeling it’s Gilmore Girls, but do correct me if I’m wrong.)

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Whitechapel 304 – Case 2 Part 2

Whitechapel - ITV

The episode opens with a shot of everyone’s favourite pathologist Dr. Llewellyn standing over assembled bits and pieces of a murder victim. This show airs Monday nights at nine. I hope you didn’t opt for a late dinner.

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Whitechapel 3.6 – Case 3 Part 2

Whitechapel – ITV

The finale! I’m not going to lie: I’m a nervous wreck. What’s going to happen? Is one of the team going to die? There’s been a suspiciously low body count this year. Will they find the murderer? Will they bring him in alive? It’d make for a charming twist.

What will happen with Kent and Chandler? Is Kent going over to the dark side? Will Chandler pull him back from the brink? Will someone confess feelings? Will they be reciprocated? Continue reading