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Breaking Bad 4.12 – End Times

“Why didn’t you people just put him in the car?”

“Uh, because it’s not Nazi Germany, all right?”

 Oh, pfft, Nazi Germany! If I had a dollar for every time I heard that.”

Leave it to Marie to save everyone’s life. Due to her overzealous paranoia, she insists that Skyler’s family stay with them under the watchful eyes of several testosterone-laden DEA agents. Hank thinks she’s overreacting, but he’s too tired to argue with her. Little do they both know that the White family is even more in the thick of it than Hank is. It’s a great plan to keep everyone safe, right up until Walt refuses to go. He feels like the bleeder who’s attracting the shark, and he knows there’s very little hope of him getting out of this alive. He’ll surely feel better if he dies knowing his family is protected. Skyler tearfully begs him to change his mind, and you know she’s frazzled because her hair looks so bad.  Continue reading

Breaking Bad 4.03 – Open House

Yeah, I mean Walt told me that you took a run at this Bogdan character and he wrestled you into submission with his eyebrows.”

You think your job as an under-appreciated Old Navy retail monkey is bad? Boo hoo, at least you don’t have to work in the place where your boss killed your co-worker before your eyes and wished it was you. And next time it will be you. No wonder Walt looks frazzled when he unlocks the door to the lab first thing in the morning. He pours himself a coffee, taking a moment to admire the workmanship of the elaborate coffee maker. He even smiles a little wee bit, until he remembers that, oh yeah, he helped murder the guy who made the coffee maker, another dead co-worker. If I were Walt I’d be starting my days with Ativan washed down with vodka, but maybe that’s just me. Continue reading