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The Bridge 1.06 – ID

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Previously on The Bridge, Steven Linder awkwardly and ironing-ly dealt with Scary Tear-Drinking Dude, Marco’s messing around prompted his wife to give him the heave-ho, the FBI tried to cover their prostitute-related messes, and Gina, a neglected teen, had a scary time in Juarez and an even scarier time upon returning home.

Wonder along with me, as I put together this week’s recap while traveling (I’m stealing WiFi for you!), who the hell is having the opener’s hot sex?  Why, it’s Charlotte and her sleazy Florida man-toy, Ray! Continue reading

The Bridge 1.05 – The Beast

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Previously on The Bridge: poor Maria freaking was filmed baking in the desert sun while the FBI floundered.  Sonya figured out Maria’s location from shadows because she is just that good.  Marco found unwelcome help in Fausto Galvan, the SCARY AS HELL crime boss of Juarez.  And the killer sent some home truths in the form of another segmented body to Daniel Frye and Marco Ruiz.

In possibly the best scene of the entire episode, Fausto Galvan and his chief minion count ill-gotten cash and muse about what makes a serial killer.  Continue reading

The Bridge 1.04 – Maria of the Desert

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Previously on The Bridge:  Charlotte buried her husband Carl, slept with masculinity-issues Marco for extra infidelity points, and lost a prize horse to a hella-scary senora who wants her to re-open her ranch’s immigrant smuggling tunnel (how Charlotte finds the time for Pilates and manicures, I’ll never know).  Sonya and Marco hauled in Steven “Creepy Mutton Chops” Linder, who seemed both oddly sympathetic and crazy suspicious.  Adriana took Daniel Frye to Juarez, where he got drunk, saw a guy shot, and pried into her family and personal life.  And Maria, the on-the-run illegal, escaped death only to get kidnapped and duct-taped to stakes in the desert.

“Whose idea was this internet horseshit anyway?” Hank barks over at CAP El Paso.  Hank, I have been wondering that FOR YEARS.  But Hank’s focused on live-feed of poor Maria, which Tim Cooper explains has “gone viral”: twisting in her duct-taped bonds (with the standard, but frankly lower-key than I’d have anticipated, chest-thrusting and squirming focus on the female victim’s body).

Wow.  That’s horrible.  And I’m a bit freaked out how impressed I am that our mystery killer got such a good signal for his nefarious live-feed in the middle of the freaking desert.    Continue reading

Dexter 7.12 – Surprise Motherfucker!


Oh god, the title of this episode. I just can’t. I love Doakes. Almost as much as I love this…  Continue reading

Dexter 7.11 – Do You See What I See

Oh man, so much STUFF went down this week. Dexy is forced to choose between the two most important women in his life: his sister or his murdering girlfriend. LaGuerta won’t get off of Dexter’s back. And it’s Christmas! That’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

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Dexter 7.10 – The Dark… Something

I have a love-hate relationship with this season. I really love the way Dexter’s character is evolving, especially in this episode, as he finally comes face-to-face with what it really means to call his urges his Dark Passenger. But there is just way too much happening at once. I care less about Dexter’s relationship with Hannah than I do about LeGuerta’s Bay Harbor Butcher investigation. I have hope that the final two episodes will make me care about Hannah’s existence, though, as the two main women in Dexter’s life go head-to-head. Continue reading

Dexter 7.9 – Helter Skelter

“You are the one person on the planet who’s been down the same road as me. We’ve always been the one constant thing in each others lives. It’s like you and I…we endure. Maybe that’s what love is – endurance.” Continue reading

Dexter 7.8 – Argentina

“No matter where we go, we take ourselves and our damage with us. So is home the place we run to or is it the place we run from? Only to hide out in places where we are excepted unconditionally, places that feel more like home to us. Because we can finally be who we are.”

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Dexter 7.7 – Chemistry

“We were looking out for each other. That’s big for people like us. Maybe even historic.”

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Dexter 7.6 – Do the Wrong Thing

“Maybe she set her sights on a new target. You’re after her. Who’s to say she isn’t after you?”

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