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True Blood 4.4 – I’m Alive and On Fire

Eric lifts his blood soaked lips from draining Sookie’s godmother and she tells him they need to get down-cubby now before any vengeful fairies show up. Eric, unfortunately, goes Timber! face first to the ground. He gets up with a groan and gives Sookie a stoned “Hey” before advancing on her, asking for more fairy juice. Eric goes to bite Sookie, and she tells him he won’t be able to stop, and he’ll kill her (so just a nibble would be okay, Sook?). Sookie tells Eric she’ll tuck him in, and he giggles and chases after her, goosing her and pinching her butt. He starts a game of tag and begins whooshing about the front lawn like a blurry toddler after a serious amount of red dye. Sookie tells him that it will be dawn soon, but Eric fang-grins that he doesn’t care, and whooshes off.  Continue reading

True Blood 4.3 – “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?”

Please accept my sincere apologies for the lateness of this update due to illness and environmental factors. How’s that for vague?

Eric remains shirtless and clueless while Sookie is be-shirted and trying to call him on the clue phone. Sookie reminds Eric that he knows why she smells as she does, especially as he’s always the one going on about it. Eric bullet points that she’s redolent of wheat, honey and sunlight (apparently she’s a Honey-of-an-O) and then vamps a “What are you?” as Sookie peals out. Eric stands lonely in the strada, but when Sookie looks back, he’s gone. Before she can even eye-roll about drama-queen vampires and their dramatic exits, however, Eric whooshes through her car window. She freaks,  I ‘Eek!’ and this show still wants to do bad things with you. Continue reading