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Cult 1.04 – Get With the Program

If you’re looking for last week’s recap, you won’t find it. An unexpected trip to a “Supernatural” convention in Las Vegas interrupted my recapping plans. No worries though, let’s do a recap of a recap about the show within a show. Last week we learned that feather earrings are a trendy mark of death, no one’s childhood is safe from a Google Bing search, shit just got real in world of campus LARPing and Kirstie is kinda kinky and a bit hinky.

Also? Skye is really, really good at deciphering hidden messages within the show. Too good at it in my opinion. Just tossing that out there. Continue reading

Cult 1.2 – In the Blood

Last week Jeff put in the disc.

This week we open up with Kelly and her partner, Paz, stumbling upon a makeshift grave, the victim buried upside down. Paz has never seen anything like this. Cue Kelly having a flashback of her inverted baptism into Billy’s cult. He welcomes her to the family, to The Blood and she is way stoked. In the present, however, she’s less stoked and more antagonized. Billy is sending her a message, obviously. I think Paz is wondering if Kelly’s ever going to get over thinking it’s always about her.

In the “real” world Jeff is doing some heavy meta; he’s watching the show and he’s digging through Nate’s geek stash. A gold coin on the screen, a gold coin on Nate’s desk. Skye spent the night on the couch because she’s oddly not weirded out by any of this and is 100% on board with Project Find Jeff’s Brother. Probably because Jeff is hot. Continue reading