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Southland 3.10 Graduation Day

This week on Southland, the production team prepares for the worst (cancelation).  Let us all hope this is not the end for the best show currently on television.

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Southland 3.09 Failure Drill

This week on Southland, we have the first half of an unlabeled two hour season finale.

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Southland 3.08 “Fixing a Hole”

This week on Southland: Sammy loses his entire damned mind, but I mostly talk about John and Ben.

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Southland 3.07 “Sideways”

Kinda bummed out, not gonna lie.

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Southland 3.06 “Cop or Not”

Sammy Bryant has an extremely shit life.

So this week we finally get the inevitable celebrity crime episode. The media blitz woven through the entire episode is as deft as everything else this show gets so right—the televisions in backgrounds showing old interviews of the alleged criminal and the victim, Ochoa using a tabloid as an (very dubious, but that’s excellent characterization as we’re supposed to see her as tacky) investigation tool, the ringtone that causes the accident in front of John and Ben. Continue reading