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The Bridge 2.06 – Harvest of Souls

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Previously on The Bridge, oh my god, my David Tate’s eye(s)! Marco got a stab at revenge, Daniel Frye received info from a government source, and Eva gave  some damning evidence.

Jack Dobbs digs shirtless, because of Sexy Mysterious Reasons That Are Extremely Relevant To My Interests, under a water tower. He’s apparently used his murdering brother’s seemingly juvenile drawings to locate a hidden message. What’s that he just hit with his shovel, treasure? Only if by treasure you mean a buried skeleton/probably one of Jim Dobb’s murder victims.  Yay?  Continue reading

The Bridge 1.13 – The Crazy Place

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Previously on The Bridge:  Sonya hauled a drunk and grieving Marco back to sobriety and into a case Steven Linder brought up, while poor Eva Guerra met with nearly every stereotypical bad fate you might imagine.  Yeah, that one too.  Cripes.  Also, Charlotte, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

“She needs a hospital,” the jerkwad cop Hugo who kidnapped Eva in the second place tells a man we don’t get to see.  Continue reading

The Bridge 1.09 – The Beetle

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Previously on The Bridge:  Sonya dismissed crazy Childress as the suspect and focused on a missing FBI agent Marco once knew.  Both Graciela and Charlotte realized Ray just might not be the right man to run their tunnels.  Ahem.  And a random highbrow benefit became the place where EVERYTHING EVER we thought we knew about the Bridge Butcher was violently shaken (much like Daniel Frye’s detoxing brain).

This week again opens with a series-shaping flashback.  “Kenneth Hastings”/David Tate pushes through a crowd to witness his dead wife and son pulled from their wrecked vehicle, viewing the horror through a prism of distorted lights on the bridge from Juarez to El Paso.  Continue reading

The Bridge 1.08 – Vendetta

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Previously on The Bridge:  Hank, Cooper, Sonya, and Marco got caught in crazy Childress’s crossfire.  Deputy Stokes and Daniel Frye made me flail around in shock and worry.  In less heart-pounding plotlines, Linder found another way to put himself on Fausto Galvan’s kill list while Man-Toy Ray serviced multiple ladies because he loves a good tunnel (I’m not even sorry).

Let’s get some backstory for Daniel Frye’s coke-snorting stripper-club-frequenting decadent days of yore, shall we?  Continue reading

The Bridge 1.07 – Destino


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Previously on The Bridge:  Previously on The Bridge:  Charlotte handed over the tunnel to her pal Ray because apparently everything’s easier when men handle stuff and the women can go “la la laaaa, I don’t know anything about it; Gina Meadows’s life went from bad to seriously over; and Hank and Marco revealed some unexpected connections to other characters that made me spit out my seltzer in sheer plot-twisty delight.

Oh, Ray the Man-Toy Gun Runner Skeevemeister!  You think you have the upper hand with Graciela the tunnel queen, but boy, are you ever wrong!  Making an Erykah Badu joke about Graciela’s glamor turban isn’t going to bring her round to letting you haul weapons through that tunnel.  You’re going to have to throw in some A+ oral sex to sweeten the deal.  Continue reading

The Bridge 1.06 – ID

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Previously on The Bridge, Steven Linder awkwardly and ironing-ly dealt with Scary Tear-Drinking Dude, Marco’s messing around prompted his wife to give him the heave-ho, the FBI tried to cover their prostitute-related messes, and Gina, a neglected teen, had a scary time in Juarez and an even scarier time upon returning home.

Wonder along with me, as I put together this week’s recap while traveling (I’m stealing WiFi for you!), who the hell is having the opener’s hot sex?  Why, it’s Charlotte and her sleazy Florida man-toy, Ray! Continue reading

The Bridge 1.05 – The Beast

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Previously on The Bridge: poor Maria freaking was filmed baking in the desert sun while the FBI floundered.  Sonya figured out Maria’s location from shadows because she is just that good.  Marco found unwelcome help in Fausto Galvan, the SCARY AS HELL crime boss of Juarez.  And the killer sent some home truths in the form of another segmented body to Daniel Frye and Marco Ruiz.

In possibly the best scene of the entire episode, Fausto Galvan and his chief minion count ill-gotten cash and muse about what makes a serial killer.  Continue reading

The Bridge 1.04 – Maria of the Desert

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Previously on The Bridge:  Charlotte buried her husband Carl, slept with masculinity-issues Marco for extra infidelity points, and lost a prize horse to a hella-scary senora who wants her to re-open her ranch’s immigrant smuggling tunnel (how Charlotte finds the time for Pilates and manicures, I’ll never know).  Sonya and Marco hauled in Steven “Creepy Mutton Chops” Linder, who seemed both oddly sympathetic and crazy suspicious.  Adriana took Daniel Frye to Juarez, where he got drunk, saw a guy shot, and pried into her family and personal life.  And Maria, the on-the-run illegal, escaped death only to get kidnapped and duct-taped to stakes in the desert.

“Whose idea was this internet horseshit anyway?” Hank barks over at CAP El Paso.  Hank, I have been wondering that FOR YEARS.  But Hank’s focused on live-feed of poor Maria, which Tim Cooper explains has “gone viral”: twisting in her duct-taped bonds (with the standard, but frankly lower-key than I’d have anticipated, chest-thrusting and squirming focus on the female victim’s body).

Wow.  That’s horrible.  And I’m a bit freaked out how impressed I am that our mystery killer got such a good signal for his nefarious live-feed in the middle of the freaking desert.    Continue reading

The Bridge 1.03 – Rio

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Previously on The Bridge:  Creepy Mutton Chops burned up all Eva’s belongings and fixated on a blonde homeless woman.  Sonya leaked the serial killer’s message, stuck her nose in cartel killings in Mexico, and made a guy at a bar feel cheap with their meaningless but hot sex.  Marco was a serious BAMF while questioning Daniel Frye and confronting pimps, but yes-dear-ed his wife ineffectively about family problems.  Charlotte found her husband’s human trafficking tunnel and refused a casserole full o’ cash.  Our reporter pals broke the story about the serial killer and found the poor border-wandering illegals dead from poison (save one who crawled away).  Oh, and the adult braces wearing deputy = enthusiastic, suspicious, and still my choice for comic relief.

At the ranch, Charlotte buries her husband in a ranch-y well-attended funeral and stares awkwardly at the tombstone next to his with her name on it (because that’s just practical death-planning, and not in any way an omen Charlotte herself may soon bite the dust!).  Continue reading