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Glee! 4.05 – The Role You Were Born To Play

This is a boy so bereft and woebegone that he has brought a scrapbook to school so he can look through it and feel WORSE.

Note: apologies for the lateness of this – I had a family emergency last Thursday that required all of my time and energy. Thank you for your patience. 

This episode answers that nail-biter of a question: did Kurt and Blaine actually break up? Spoiler alert: all my creys. Continue reading

Glee! 4.03 – The Makeover


Here’s what you missed on Glee!  This week was a much better game of chess where the players were moved over the board in ways that are really setting up what’s to come this season.  And we had the delightful bonus of Sarah Jessica Parker added to the cast, and let me just tell you that SJP and I have been down since I dreamed of having her body in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. “I love to dance!” Aww, she’s a cutie.

If you don’t know that movie, I weep for you.  Bonus Shannon Doherty dancing with doors, come on, people! It’s a sleepover classic. Continue reading

Glee 4.02 – Britney 2.0

I just wanted to point out that this was inside Blaine’s locker this episode. <3

(Previously on Glee…)

The picture is grainy, but the sentiment is BOLD AND OBVIOUS.  Aww, our first episode with every couple split apart by distance…

But let’s first take a moment to thank Fox for moving the show an hour ahead, which is apparently Adult Sexy Times Hour. I am excite for potential. Also, Miss Rachel Berry? THAT WAS MAHOGANY. Continue reading

Glee! 3.22 – Goodbye

I guess Mike wasn't here for picture day?

Continuity for some looooong arcs were acknowledged tonight, which I appreciated, and I’ll just be open about this: I sobbed to the point of realizing I was about to hit the Ugly Cry and pulled it back just a touch. I did not achieve Russel Crowe in Gladiator—you know, how he had the spit with snot? I’m happy to report that.

But it came close. Continue reading

Glee! 3.21 – Nationals

This young lady...my goodness, is she a star.


It’s here, it’s here! Wait, I’m in Texas. It’s there, it’s there!

The Gleeks are once again at a Nationals competition, but there is little chance of the Kiss Heard ‘Round The Very Small Community of Show Choir YouTube Fans That Made A Link GO Viral Within That Small Community happening, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for our soon-to-be-departing Seniors…

Continue reading

Glee! 3.20 – Props

Do not adjust your monitor. This is only a head injury-induced hallucination.

Here’s what you missed on Glee: Tina! Tina crying, Tina swaying in the background, Tina not rocking the boat, Tina never being called out by the group for faking a stutter, Tina not being a goth anymore, Tina’s fabulous Fluevog boot collection… Basically you’ve missed Tina. For a few years.

(Well, it’s because she’s not enigmatic on the screen. I’m sorry. She’s lovely, she has a lovely voice, but she doesn’t bring it. There’s a reason why certain character’s stories develop over seasons, and another reason why others don’t. Hey, how about all of the awesome Rory scenes? Exactly. It’s not a slam on them as people, not at all. It’s just that as characters they don’t bring much. Harsh truth.) HAVING SAID THAT…Tina’s solo is out-freaking-standing.  Continue reading

Glee! 3.19 Promasaurus

Lea, you are the teeniest thing that ever teenied.

Confession time. I love high school RomComs. Love. Which, hey, I wonder why I like Glee? And who doesn’t love the ‘prom as the rite of passage’ trope? Can’t Buy Me Love, She’s All That, Encino Man, Rad… (Hey – the prom King and Queen dance was on BMX bikes in that one, please. Nothing can top that for cheese, nothing.) Last year’s prom episode was serious (and one of their strongest episodes, period) so it was time for them to go the traditional cheese route. Consider it a success on that score card.

But first, what about Rachel “I’m A Star” Berry and her dashed dreams? Continue reading

Glee! 3.16 Saturday Night Glee-ver

Oh, I'm sorry, were you wanting to fangirl us? Because we get it. We're fabulous.

Are you kidding me? Wait, it’s not what you think. Let me tell you a little something about me: I like being happy. I like things that make me happy. And guys…disco makes me happy. WAIT, DON’T GO. When I was in college as a good Mormon kid, we had to be creative to have fun. (No booze, coffee, dry humping, and no Saturday Night Live. Thanks, LDS church for buying the NBC channel and blocking that.) There was a cover group in Salt Lake City called the “Disco Drippers” and my BFF and I used to hit the thrift stores, get outfits (I seriously have some awesome satin pant suits), and rock out at the roller rink.

Because that’s where the Drippers would play. Well, bars sometimes, but roller rinks! And it was packed with people in their 70s finest. Whatever, that’s a good time. I would like to present to the court that I have my own gold lame boot roller skates. Yeah. Brooklyn: we go hard.  Continue reading

Glee! 3.15 – Big Brother

The most handsome man in North America: Matt Bomer.

A few changes here on HDJM regarding the Glee-caps. I’m going to discontinue the drinking game portion as it’s a lot of work to ultimately get me schnockered, and drinking alone is sad. (No it isn’t, it’s romantic. Damn, me!) So thanks to you who have enjoyed all of the recipes I’ve created, but I think my liver needs a break.

Tonight’s episode suffers Eric Stoltz-itis, as in, way too much happening. (He totally ascribes to the buckshot method of storytelling.) But there were so many awesomely hilarious moments that I can forgive the whiplash, jam-packed, bursting-at-the-seams feel of the whole thing. And Matt Bomer needs to be on everything.  Continue reading

Glee! 3.14 – On My Way


Glee girls/Bridesmaids. I needed a sweet-funny something to counterbalance the serious.

I use the exclamation point in the title with absolute irony. I had a cocktail for this episode – here’s how that works. I’m spoiler free. I get an idea of what the episode is about from the promos and make up a drink. I feel that playing the drinking game is wholly inappropriate for this show, much like “Funeral” from season two. There were some extremely touchy subjects tonight (suicidal thoughts/actions) so there’s a warning. But god.damn, when this show wants to tell something, it does, and it does it in an almost breathtaking fashion.

Long story short, this was amazing television. If you hurt, they did it right. Continue reading