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Glee! 4.7 – Dynamic Duets!


First off, I want to say that I was in the choir room around the time of filming this episode, and saw the white board with “Dynamic Duets!” written on it, and was very excited. (And straight from here I went to the classroom where the Superhero Sidekicks meet, aka the Spanish Room.) So it’s like I’m a part of this episode, is what I’m saying. (I’m not really saying that.) Also, this is what Glee does best: post-modern Camp.

…everyone gets that Blaine’s costume is an homage to the love of his life, right? Because it both pleases me as well as breaks my heart. If I was a comic panel, I would be sad-faced and wincing with “SMASH!” in a bubble over my torso as the sound of my chest being split open. Doodle-ee-deedle-ee-dee! TO THE RECAP! Continue reading

Movie Recap: The Avengers

The Avengers is in theaters now.

Also, for further reading: previous recaps for Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger.

The Avengers! Or, Armvengers: Operation Beefcake Extravaganza! It did not disappoint. In fact, it surpassed my wildest dreams. Yes, even those ones! Any reservations I had—Joss Whedon (STOP HISSING AT ME, INTERNET), too many main characters to give adequate time to everybody, fan-pandering in either the too much plot or too much character introspection directions, etc.—proved to be neither true nor particularly relevant. This was a fantastic example of an ensemble film, the character and the action were woven into each other quite seamlessly, and the writing was an absolute delight. Everybody had their own stuff going on, and all of their stuff interacted with everybody else’s stuff wonderfully.

I cannot overstate how happy I am with The Avengers, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. On to the recap!

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Movie Recap: Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America! 

This film and Dan DiDio’s douchery during DC’s d…dpanel? at SDCC put me firmly on Team Marvel Movies for life. I wasn’t expecting to like Captain America: The First Avenger as much as I did–I haven’t read the comics, but I have seen Generation Kill and consumed a lot of post-September 11th pop culture, so Steve Rogers’s story–brave but physically unimpressive specimen becomes brave built superhero, loses none of his patriotic earnestness–made me worry that this was going to be on one side of the AMERICA! Spectrum, which looks like this: Continue reading

Movie Recap: X-Men: First Class

Film poster

X-Men: First Class is now threatening the metallic structural integrity of a theater near you.

Since this is more of a recap than a review, I’ll take a minute to address the people who (justifiably!) maybe don’t want to read a ton of words just to hear a stranger on the internet say “yeah, I liked this movie” at the very end: yeah, I liked this movie. It was everything a summer blockbuster should be, plus some subtle, thoughtful commentary and a fresh take on the old “mutants as allegory for disenfranchised social groups” theme. You will enjoy it if you like to think too much about movies, and you will also enjoy it if you like to watch Michael Fassbender toss around nuclear warheads like Vader on a bad day. It’s smart but accessible and full of good-looking people kicking bad-guy ass, and Don Draper himself would raise his glass to the sweet Sixties wardrobe.

If you’re still here and weren’t just looking for a brief opinion on the film (or googling the phrase “michael fassbender ass”) (justifiably!), hello! Get comfortable. Snap into a Slim Jim. We’re gonna be here a while.

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Movie Recap: Thor

Film poster.

(See it in 2D, as 3D actually detracts from the visuals/your wallet and adds nothing to your experience.)

Bring out your hammers and prepare for imminent metal umlauts, düdes: Thor is a cinematic Ragnarök. Well, the good parts. None of the all-consuming wolf monsters or planet-sized sea snakes or zombie armies (unfortunately). Actually, Ragnarök isn’t brought up at all in the film, which surprised me. I haven’t read the comics, so I don’t know how important it is there.

Moving on!

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Misfits 1.03

Watch Misfits on E4, check your listings

LAST EPISODE: Recap of everyone’s powers (or lack thereof); Nathan’s homelessness; and somebody knows they killed their probation workah.

Alisha is walking through a sexy hallway full of sexy people, touching all of them and apparently having sex with several of the dudes (I think it‘s okay, though, because they‘re not touching her as they pull off their clothes so they…wanted to do it at some point? That’s not so okay, I guess. This power is REALLY ICKY). Her power is the most morally complicated one. She doesn’t have any real control over it, unless she wants to choose who she’s going to rape, and if someone touches her by accident, they’re sort of…raped into wanting to rape her. And even if she’s with someone and they negotiate all of this beforehand, the second they touch her, they’ve lost the ability to change their mind. I guess the only solution is to double-bag it and cut a hole in a sheet. Continue reading

Misfits 1.02

Watch Misfits on E4, check your listings

Recap: this is your chance to do something positive! What’s going on with this weather! We should be dead! The storm and the lightning, I don’t know, it’s just done something to us! He’s going to kill us! Time went backwards! What is happening to me! You killed our probation worker! If there’s no body, there’s no crime! What if we’re meant to be superheroes! In what kind of fucked-up world would that be allowed to happen?

Not this one, apparently. As we open, the gang is walking around and grabbing trash with trash grabbers. Sorry, rubbish fetchers. Nathan’s complaining about his lack of ssssuperpowers; Alisha says maybe he’s super retarded. He thinks he might be spiderman, but Curtis is dubious.

SUDDENLY NAKED MAN-ASS, taking up a quarter of the frame and leading us into the awesome opening credits. Which are still awesome, in case you were wondering. SUDDENLY NAKED MAN-ASS PART DEUX. Alisha pokes him in the ass and says “Hey, nude guy, you’re naked,” which cracked me up the first time I heard it and continues to do so on my 848th rewatch. There is a delightful lingering shot of pasty naked man-ass (Simon captures it with his cell phone) as the man turns over, and surprise! It’s Nathan’s mother’s boyfriend. Continue reading

Misfits 1.01

The first episode of Season One of Misfits opens with a short montage of all our heroes paraphrasing the important parts of their characterization to Hot Chip’s “Out At The Movies:” Alisha (Antonia Thomas), seducing her own reflection; Nathan (Robert Sheehan), faking us out with a James Dean-style unreadable facial expression/cigarette combination; Kelly (Lauren Socha), pensively brushing her already-ponytailed hair so that it lays flat; Simon (Iwan Rheon), straightening his collar with alarming intensity; Gary (Josef Altin), wearing a dumb hat and flicking his hand at the mirror for no reason except to accompany the song‘s kickoff point with a literal meaningless gesture; and Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), covering up his sick bod with a shirt like some kind of jerk and looking like he’d rather be taunting bears with a steak on his junk than where he is now. Continue reading