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Walking Dead 4.6 – Live Bait

You're welcome.

You’re welcome.

[Last week!] Okay, remember how the Governor sicced his BFF/Head Nerd on his annoyingly good girlfriend then killed his own people? And then disappeared for months? This episode is all about those months. And because I know fandom, I’m sure most people hated this episode, called it “slow” or “unnecessary,” and I would like to prove you wrong. (Also, if you don’t think the Governor is one of the best, most intriguing villains on TV – now that Walter White is gone – then you’re not paying close enough attention.) Continue reading

The Walking Dead 2.6 – Secrets

Zombie killing = lady boners. Oh yes. I think there is money to be made from this connection. Offing the undead is an easy way to get chicks! Perhaps this is how the zombie apocalypse was triggered in the first place. I had speculated that it was the fault of Jeff Dunham and his terrifying fan army, but now I see that it could be something that got out of a lab that was innocently looking for the Holy Grail of medical research…lady boners.

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The Walking Dead 2.5 – Chupacabra

Merle is a guardian angel straight from heaven. He’s just not a fairy tale version. He’s Daryl’s. So when Merle says, “Look at you, lying in the dirt like a used rubber. You’re gonna die out here little brother.” You know it might not be with pretty poetry, but he’s here out of love.

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The Walking Dead 2.4 – Cherokee Rose

Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!
Well that’s going to be problematic since in the last episode had Shane crippling sweet, earnest Otis and leaving him back in town to be devoured by zombies. 
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The Walking Dead 2.3 – Save the Last One

Does shaving your head really help get all the crazy out?


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