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Supernatural 8.01 – We Need to Talk About Kevin

So you’ve neglected ‘Supernatural’ for the last 80% of a decade? Or maybe you have a terrible memory? Do not fret, the season 8 “The Road So Far” will have you caught up and ready to roll in less than 90 seconds. I’ll wait…

All caught up?

Good. Continue reading

Supernatural 7.23 – Survival of the Fittest

Carry On My Wayward Son plays, the season finale is upon us. Continue reading

Supernatural 7.22 – There Will Be Blood

This week we get our pre-finale episode and going by the “Then” sequence, they’re getting the band back together for the wrap up. Crowley, Alpha Vamp and Ghost Bobby. There’s a distinct feeling of testosterone filled posturing in the air. Continue reading

Supernatural 7.21 – Reading is Fundamental

This episode opens up with a teenager, Kevin Tran, playing the cello flawlessly. His history of achievements tacked up on the wall, his k-pop haircut, and his highly rigid adolescent-of-the-year schedule are causing all signs to point to the theory that this is not going to be Kevin Tran’s best day ever. Continue reading

Supernatural 7.20 – The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

Last week we left the Winchesters trying to digest what to do with their very own ghost uncle while Bobby sat sullen and invisible in the backseat. This week, Sam and Dean are holed up in their cabin in the woods as Bobby walks them through Dick Roman’s big plans. Soylent Green is GMO people and Dick Roman is clearly into homages. Continue reading

Supernatural 7.19 – Of Grave Importance

This week’s episode opens with a very important message. Dean Winchester cracks the drive-thru restaurant code; no matter where you have your fast food fix it is designed to taste 92% the same from coast to coast. What a comfort. And as long as you realize that Taco Bell isn’t remotely authentic then everything’s fine.
Continue reading

Supernatural 7.18 – Party On, Garth

The legend of Jenny Greentree. A campfire cautionary tale that’s fun for the entire family. Ray, the narrator of the urban legend, gets interrupted in his scary telling to tend his heavily inebriated younger brother, Trevor. Ray is not pleased with Trevor’s sloppy state, but is about to take care of the situation when his brother starts freaking out and bolts into the woods. Ray is annoyed and chases after him, only to find Trevor propped against a tree with his guts ripped out, white jacket fluff ripped everywhere. Continue reading

Supernatural 7.17 – The Born Again Identity

Guess who’s back, back again; Cas is back, tell a friend.

I’m going to be honest.

For a second there I contemplated typing, “thank you for existing Supernatural. I love you most of all” as my complete recap, crawling into bed and re-watching the episode. While eating my feelings.

For the record, my feelings taste like Breyer’s Golden Oreo ice cream.

Instead, I’m going to re-watch the episode and write all about it. Possibly while eating spoonfuls of ice cream between each paragraph. Continue reading

Supernatural 7.16 – Out With The Old

Barres, beautiful scarves, and some seriously uptight hair open up our return episode of Supernatural. The corps de ballet are quipping quietly about the prima ballerina being beyond fashionably when she Swan Lakes in, ecru infinity scarf perfectly placed. Maybe I’ve been too sucked into Smash, but these girls need to up their cattiness a bit, clearly their sock buns are not taut enough for the real digs to get dug in, they all fall a bit flat. Continue reading

Supernatural 7.15 – Repo Man

This week’s episode starts with what’s becoming a bit of a theme with Supernatural: a timestamp moment from the past. Even if the screen hadn’t informed you of the four-year rewind Sam’s clothes and demeanor would have time warped you back to season 3 on their own.

We meet three new players in this scene: Nora, who was apparently helpful in some way, Jeffrey, who has a demon driving his skin around, and the demon hitchhiking inside of Jeffrey.

We also see two old friends in this flashback: the Impala and Dean’s amulet. I may be the only person who doesn’t miss the amulet, but I will admit that I do love attention to detail. Continue reading