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Dexter 3.10-12 – Go Your Own Way, I Had a Dream, & Do You Take Dexter Morgan?

First, I would like to wish a Happy Memorial Day to all of my American friends, and send my sincere and unending gratitude to all military men and women, past and present (and future) who sacrifice so much in the line of duty. I can never say it enough: thank you. 

We’re finishing off season 3 this week. Things come to a head with Miguel as Dexter and Rita’s wedding date looms closer and the Skinner is still on the loose. But I’m kind of excited because next week, we’ll dive into season 4 – my personal favorite of the series and, I think, the most insanely frightening and brilliant seasons of the show. Onward!

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Dexter 2.7-9 – That Night, a Forest Grew, Morning Comes, & Resistance is Futile

Here we are at the penultimate recap for season 2. I have to admit that when I first saw season 2, I hated it (mostly because of Lila). But rewatching it has given me a new appreciation for how much awesome this show is made of. And these three episodes are the most intense of the show so far.

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Dexter 2.4-6 – See Through, The Dark Defender, & Dex, Lies, and Videotape

Dexter’s got a lot on his plate this week: an FBI Agent and the entire Homicide Department breathing down his neck (not that they realize it), trying to juggle pretending to be addicted to heroin and actually being addicted to killing people, a sweet girlfriend with a crazy mother, an unconventional NA sponsor, and a vigilante copycat on the loose – it’s no wonder Dexter seems to be coming unhinged.

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Dexter 1.7-9 – Circle of Friends, Shrink Wrap, & Father Knows Best

So, a LOT happened in this week’s episodes! We’re into the second half of the season and things are speeding up with a shock at every turn. There is quite a bit to cover, and this recap is a little longer than the previous ones, so let’s get to our favorite lovable serial killer.

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