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Doctor Who 1.11 – Boom Town

The face of doom (and uncontrollable flatulence): the return of Slitheen Margaret Blaine.

Six months after the Slitheen nearly reduced the Earth to a slag heap so they could sell it for fuel, Cardiff’s nuclear expert advisor appeals to the city’s new mayor. No matter how he’s studied the designs, the newly approved nuclear power plant can only lead to “destruction like the British Isles have never seen before.” “Well, goodness me…you’re the expert,” she defers to him at first, saying, “nothing is more important than human life.” But as her tummy rumbles, we recognize Margaret Blaine, one conniving surviving Slitheen disguised in a human skin suit.   Continue reading

Doctor Who 1.10 – The Doctor Dances

For a gas-mask-y future, join the zombie’s land army!

When we last left the gang, they were in mortal peril from an advancing gas-mask zombie army!  As the drones approach calling “Mummy?”, the Doctor yells out, “Go to your room!” Everyone looks confused, including the zombies, who head-tilt in unison.  Jack and Rose do their part by standing about looking befuddled and pretty.

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