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Sleepy Hollow 1.05 – John Doe


Previously on Sleepy Hollow: With Ichabod playing referee, Abbie and Jenny worked together to defeat THE HESSIAN PIANO TEACHER!  Eh, technically they defeated some demons trying to rise out of a garbage-bag slickness coming out of a baptismal font, but HESSIAN PIANO TEACHER!

Two ridiculously cute children chase each other in a forest, and right away I shriek nooooooooo!  Because forests are automatically full of evil in this show, obviously.  It turns out chasing other kids also summons evil.  No sooner has the modern-garbed girl disappeared than the colonial-clad boy finds himself run down by a samurai-like horseman.  When the boy reaches a modern road, the horseman explodes into black dust in a fit of pique. Sulky, sulky horseman!

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