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Supernatural 7.05 – Shut Up, Dr. Phil

A souled vampire and a Sunnydale, CA princess walk into a conjuring shop…

This week we start off in a modest hair salon. I say modest because while it’s clearly not Super Cuts, there isn’t a mimosa in sight, so I’m seriously doubting Fredric Fekkai is lurking near the shampoo stations. As nondescript blonde #1 is getting her highlights touched up while chatting on her cell, her stylist (let’s call him Keith Urban) leads her to the state of the art Conair Hard Hat Pro Styler and leaves her to process with strict orders to holler if she needs anything. “Anything” like what? No one even gave this girl a complimentary bottle of water.
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Supernatural 7.01 – Meet The New Boss

SPN_701 Counteracting God’s wrath with fried food and booze 

This season of Supernatural picks up exactly where last season left off, now if that confuses you, go do your homework. Go on, now. It’s only six seasons. I’ll wait.

That’s a lie; I’m not waiting for you. Come back when you’re caught up.

Like I was saying: same clothes, same hair, same perplexed Winchesters, same powered up, soul-juiced Castiel claiming to be the new God in town. This should go well. Bobby Singer, ever the voice of reason, is the first to genuflect for Castiel and urges his younger companions to do the same. Castiel must be God, or at least have the strength and will of God, because he stops the well-coiffed, well-built brothers from falling to their knees before him. He figures they shouldn’t go there if they don’t mean it, if they aren’t doing it out of love.

Already I can tell that this version of Castiel is not rational.

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