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Top Chef Texas 9.17- Finale

I don’t want to spoil anyone just scrolling by, so I’ll just say that I’m doing a chair dance as I write this. And singing “Texas, Our Texas!” That could be anyone, right? (Except for the traitor who left for Chicago. Ooops, spoiler?)  Continue reading

Top Chef Texas 9.16 – Fire & Ice

One of them knows Asian food inside and out. And the other one is Emeril Legasse.

After last week’s Laughalympics (with Bev as Droopy Dog sent home) it’s time for some real cooking, right? Well, this episode didn’t disappoint. The three finalist, Lindsay, Sarah, and Paul, are all buddies out of the kitchen, all business inside the kitchen. No backstabbing, no fighting, it’s got to be a Top Chef first.  Continue reading

Top Chef 9.15 – Culinary Games

This looks IDEAL for preparing fine cuisine, right? ...right?

This is a show about cooking, right? About who’s the best chef? And…that means cooking? Like, I go to a restaurant and order something, and a “chef” would prepare that? Are there…gondolas in restaurants? Obstacle courses? Maybe I’m just not dining in the right place.

(In case you’re not picking up what I’m putting down, I found the “challenges” last night to be bizarre.)  Continue reading

Top Chef 9.14 – Mentors

Grayson got the boot last week, the cheftestants learned about the secret Fight Club (thereby breaking Rule #1, tchuh) and someone is coming back to shake up the Final Four. Guess who everyone wishes it wasn’t?

Continue reading

Top Chef 9.13 – Bike, Borrow Steal.

There are going to be more Big Adventure and Playhouse references in this recap than you can shake a stick at. Also, you shouldn’t be shaking sticks at your computer, you could seriously crack the screen. I pity the fool that shakes a stick at their computer screen! (Oh. Pee Wee Herman is the guest judge today. In case you didn’t pick up on that.Continue reading

Top Chef 9.12 – Block Party

I don’t know if y’all are watching Last Chance Kitchen, but up until this week, it’s been awesome. This last one made me very sad. I’ll use invisio-text to explain, for those of you that want to remain unspoiled. (Click CTRL + A to read after the jump.) Continue reading

Top Chef 9.11 – Fit for An Evil Queen

Last week we lost the seriously good guy (and talented chef) Ty-Lor and yes Chris “I’m all Gimmicks” is still in the game. Whatever. Sarah, inhabited by the Ghost of Heather, it seems, is continually bitching about Bev not deserving a win. And that Lindsay, who totally borked her job as front of the house for Restaurant Wars should have won. Um, no.   Continue reading

Top Chef 9.10 Restaurant Wars

I’m your guest recapper this week. My apologies that I don’t know Texas, I don’t eat beef, and I don’t cook. What was Laura thinking?

She was thinking I’m just crazy enough to enjoy this anyway. And I did.

There are 8 chefs remaining this week. And I have to say, as bitchy as I thought pastry chefs are? They’ve got nothing on these guys. If I were Beverly I’d be giving some people a beat-down.

They open in an empty restaurant. And when I say empty, I mean no tables or anything. It’s straight to elimination. No Quickfire this week. And the teams? Battle of the Sexes. Continue reading

Top Chef 9.9 BBQ Showdown

Barbeque, or BBQ, is the process of cooking meat through smoke. It’s not a high temperature, there aren’t a lot of flames, and you use specific woods. When you cut into the meat, you should have a gorgeous pink smoke ring that goes deep into the center of the meat. Mmm. Flavor country. Grilling is when you have charcoal or gas, you get it crazy hot, you slap some things on a metal grate, and the food cooks pretty fast. Example: we BBQ brisket in my house, and it’s about 18 to 24 hours until it’s done. We grill pork ribs, and that’s an hour and change. We grill steaks and it’s 7 minutes, because that baby better be medium rare when it hits my plate.

I say this, because a lot of the “cheftestants” used the words intermittently, and I was a afraid my husband was about to have a cardiac event.  Continue reading

Top Chef 9.8 Who Taught You To Cook?

Thanks for your patience, guys – we took a much needed holiday break here at HDJM and are getting back into the swing of things.  Let’s power ahead!

Last time saw the horribly unfair elimination of Neyesha and Dakota. Dakota, I got, but Nyesha! She was my Season 9 Jen! She’s kicking butt in the internet cook off, so I have high hopes she’ll make it back in. We also saw Heather being a bullying cow to Beverly, and I’m totally over her.  Continue reading