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Top Chef 9.7 – Game On

A HUGE shock awaits us.  Huge. Also, there is a WALL OF TEQUILA in one scene.  Seeing that felt like my ancestors were giving me a standing ovation and Bradley Cooper soul kissed me. Before we get into that, it’s the last day in DFW and they’re remembering the FW portion of the locale.  Time to head over to Fort Worth, where the West begins: we’re cookin’ up wild game. Continue reading

Top Chef: Texas 9.5 Dallas Dinner Party

It’s the end of the chili competition where everyone’s been up for 30 hours straight, and Padma comes over to tell them they’re all going to slaughter their own pigs and smoke them in trashcans. No, she just tells them to go home, get a good night’s sleep, because tomorrow they’re road tripping up to Dallas, a short, 7 hour drive. Yay? (Definitely yay, Dallas is awesome.)  Continue reading

Top Chef Texas 9.4 – Chili Cook-Off

Guys, thanks for letting me have Thanksgiving to feed my family. Mostly I needed the brain vacation to recover from the LIES in this episode, and the LIE for those that aren’t immediately nodding your head, is that they had a “chili cook-off.” Brisket in broth is not chili. Never was, never will be. I almost wanted to frog march those Yankees out of my state.  Continue reading

Top Chef 9.3 – The Actual Competition Begins

Less stock footage of cowboys on steers punching cows with their hammy fists means they’re going to tone down the whole “git along, little doggie” stuff. Oh, except for the rattlesnakes. Yee-haw!

Look, I love Texas. I’m Texan. I’m so Texan I piss excellence, and it has the piquant odor of chipotle. But they keep doing these stereotypes, and I’m going to tease them every single time. I will say, though, that the quick cut to a sign at a roadside stand announcing “2 bean & cheese tacos of 99¢” made my mouth water because YOU KNOW THOSE WOULD BE THE BEST DAMN BEAN AND CHEESE TACOS EVER. Even the tamales at the gas station in that part of town are muy delicioso, gente, I’m serious. Continue reading

Top Chef: Texas 9.2 – The Final 16

I imagine there are a lot of back problems in the professional cooking world. Also, I bet this is why we end up with hair in our food.

Last week we met way too many people, fortunately sent five packing, leaving up with 10 assured with a place in the competition, and four left “in the bubble” to cook again. But there is another group of 10 chefs waiting for their Blue Coat and a little validation that they were smart to dropout of law school to play with their food.  Continue reading

Top Chef: Texas 9.1

The scavenger hunt for a red bike begins in three...two...

I love Top Chef. Love. In my list of “Five” (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about) the Voltaggio Brothers rank at #4. Both of them. And I love food. I’m eating foie gras and wasabi spiked chocolate right now. (No, I’m not.) So when they announced TC was coming to Texas? Super excited. Then I read they were going to feature the important cities. Even better!  San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas…and they skipped Houston.

The hell? Continue reading

TC: Just Desserts 210 — Finale

Jacques Torres, Stephane Treand, Sebastien Canonne, Johnny, and Gail.

For the previously segment this week we get clips from throughout the season, leading up to tonight’s FINALE! And what better way to start the finale than Chris “sparring” with Matthew (clad only in plaid boxers) first thing in the morning? It’s everything I’ve been waiting for. How about you? (I wanted to open with a photo of this, but don’t have a download yet. Le sigh.) Continue reading

TC: Just Dessert 2.09 — Dessert in Disguise

aka Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… Dyin’ time’s here.

It’s like Thunderdome meets March Madness up in here. We’re down to the  final four. And the delicious, delightful, darling Car Cora is going to be here. I’m having trouble concentrating at the prospect. Continue reading

TC: Just Desserts 2.08 — Step Right Up

aka The Greatest Freak Show on Earth

This week I decided to get drunk rather than watch the episode after it aired. So you’re getting a rushed recap. I hope it measures up. I don’t have a kitchen scale to weigh against previous weeks though. We’re down to five chefs. Two I love, two I run hot and cold on, and one I wish would just shut up and go home. I’ll let you guess who is who.

First thing we open with emotional backstory. Shoot me now, I think. But no… it’s actually tugging at my heartstrings. Who knew?

Continue reading

TC: Just Desserts 2.07 – Death by Chocolate

I have no snappy subtitle this week because frankly the main title is perfect.

Seven chefs remain. But by the end of the episode we were down to five for next week. It was a tough competition this week featuring two things I love: doughnuts and chocolate. We also got showpieces and teamwork, which tested not only the skill of the competitors, but the patients of this reviewer. Continue reading