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Supernatural 7.10 – Death’s Door

Upfront, this recap is not going to be a typical recap from me. There’s no way I’m going to sully the amazingness of this episode with snarky one-sided banter. Is it possible for banter to be one-sided?

Why am I so somber? Because this episode began with a bullet hole in Bobby Singer’s head.
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Supernatural 7.09 – How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

Creepy woods, creepy panting…. and a generator powered tent with a TV and bed in it? I’m guessing, after almost six and a half years of “Supernatural” formula, that the couple snuggling into their above the covers sleeping bags aren’t going to last very long. They click off the TV and the bedside lamp, that they have inside their tent, as the husband sticks his earbuds in and sets his iPod Nano to “Nature Sounds, the Sounds of Nature”. I literally welcome you to “Wendigo 2: Electric Boogaloo.”
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Supernatural 7.08 – Time for a Wedding

But she don’t know you like I know you Slim, no one does, she don’t know what it was like for people like us growin up.

I think I’ll open this recap by saying I really liked the cake. And I liked the cake blowing up and morphing into the title card.

I thought the bride’n’groom cake topper tumble was unnecessary and cheesy.

Speaking of unnecessary things about this episode…
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Supernatural 7.07 – The Mentalists

How come you never see a headline like ‘Psychic Wins Lottery’?

For a mere $19.99, you too can begin your own at-home psychic business. That’s right, all you need is some costume jewelry (got that covered), shawl or headscarf (got ‘em), a Ouija Board (just gotta go grab it from the garage) and someone desperate to unknowingly trickle out clues to their inner workings (I’m looking into business cards that advertise that in a more delicate manner). The problem you have to be wary of is, oh y’know, actual vengeful spirits, but what are the odds? Slim to none, right?
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Supernatural 7.06 – Slash Fiction

I’m coming running at you with an ax, chop you in the hip, now you only hop.

Sam and Dean Winchester walking into a bank is, in my opinion, a red flag that something ain’t right. Sam and Dean Winchester don’t have bank accounts, ATM cards or, y’know, any form of valid I.D. and I could go off on a whole tangent regarding car titles and auto insurance, but it isn’t like Dean would ever show up for court if he got a ticket, so my argument is moot. Dean saunters up to the teller and lays on the charm thick, all the while signaling at Sam, who is doing all but whistling while rocking to and fro on his heels in the background, to steal second.

The teller is lapping up Dean’s lines, and contemplating lapping at Dean, when the Winchesters pull out their weapons and go Call of Duty: Black Ops on the ceiling of the bank. They herd up the people in the bank into the elevator and open fire.

There are a few options available to explain this:

A) The Winchesters have finally cracked. Fully.
B) Obviously everyone in the bank was some kind of monster that can only be killed us claustrophobia and automatic weaponry.
C) Carbon copies are running around making life hard for the Winchesters.
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Supernatural 7.03 – The Girl Next Door

 Are you sure the solution is pie and pituitary glands?

When last we left the Winchesters, Dean was trying to talk the EMTs out of driving them to Liver Eaters General Hospital and Sam was post-hallucination, mid-seizure and pre-MRI. This episode opens up with the stomach churning sound of a broken leg being set and a doctor telling Dean ever so professionally that his brother has to get his head checked because he “bashed it pretty seriously”. Yes, “bashed”. That’s a medical term. Dean doesn’t care because a bit of something-something gets pushed into his IV and it’s lights out.  Continue reading

Supernatural 7.02 – Hello Cruel World

Fact: Never trust a boy on the swim team

In what seems to be a reoccurring theme this season, “Hello Cruel World” picks up right where “Meet the New Boss” left off, which is with a Leviathan inhabited Castiel being creepier than anything on basic cable has a right to be. My hat is off to Misha Collins for this brief, yet impactful, performance. In just a few seconds of airtime he manages to infuse this characterization with just the right amount of strength, creepiness and power. He also sprinkled some drunken vagabond into the mix. Well done!

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