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Dexter 6.11-12 – Talk to the Hand & This is the Way the World Ends

Well folks, we made it! Tonight begins the new season of Dexter. A lot of people I’ve spoken to really disliked season 6, and I agree; it wasn’t as strong as some of the previous seasons (I’m looking at you, 3 and 4). It’s no secret that Showtime and the show’s producers have plans for an 8th and final season, and they  “know exactly how it’s going to end.” So what is in store for 7? A theory I’ve heard is that Deb is going to bite the dust, but whether it’s at the hands of Dexter or somebody else is still up in the air. And in the trailer, you get a glimpse of Louis the Intern. I’m interested to see how this is all going to play out. But first! Here are the penultimate and finale episodes of last season. See you on the other side.

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Dexter 6.8 – Sin of Omission

“Burden me, my ass. I burden you all the time. It’s not a burden for me to be here for you.”

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