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Book of Mormon: The Musical, on Broadway

The coolest cast on Broadway, the lamest book on my shelf.

Hello! My name is Sister FeatherStone, and I would like to share with you the most amazing play. That is…actually a musical. A musical that is now in the top five musicals of all time for me. Read that again. Book of Mormon: The Musical is one of the five finest musicals of all time. It’s up there with Les Miz. With Gypsy. Starlight Express. (Aha ha.)

In case you need a refresher, last year I posted a two-part review of the soundtrack, not thinking I would get the chance to see the show on Broadway or see it with the original cast. Well, I’ve now done both and am a better person for it.  My thoughts on the music is mostly the same as it was last year, with a few positive changes in perspective now that I’ve seen the production.  The “steak knives” line works in context. So I take back my earlier “meh” and raise it to a “ha.” Continue reading