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Bomb Girls – 1.06 – Elements of Surprise

Warning: This recap contains discussions of religiously motivated child abuse and homophobia.

Previously on Bomb Girls: ALL INFIDELITY, ALL THE TIME, rampant drinking, Kate wished on the moon for Betty, and Gladys is kinda sorta lying to her parents about her job. Also I think there’s a war going on, but don’t quote me on that.

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Bomb Girls – 1.05 – Armistice

Previously on Bomb Girls: infidelity, infidelity, MORE infidelity (it’s becoming a bit of a theme) HAZEL MACDOUGALL GAVE YOU THE CLAP, queer representation, and Betty and Kate. In bed. Together. Remember that? I sure do.

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Bomb Girls – 1.03 – How You Trust

Previously on Bomb Girls: Kate checked out photography, Gladys checked out workplace activism, and Marco checked out Lorna’s mouth.

As the girls get ready for work, Gladys reads out loud from a newspaper—the Germans have taken Leningrad. There’s some chatter about whether or not the Russians will be able to hold out, but when Gladys asks Marco how he feels about the Russians, Lorna cuts in to say that they were Hitler’s allies anyway JUST LIKE THE ITALIANS, ISN’T THAT RIGHT MARCO? Marco just rolls his eyes, but as he goes inside, Lorna grabs the Italian-language newspaper he was reading out of the trash. Ohhhh dear.

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Bomb Girls – 1.01 – Jumping Tracks

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Oh Canada! Our home and native land filled with kickass ladies, bombs, and of course, excellent television. If you haven’t watched Bomb Girls yet, let me tell you, you are missing out. It’s just what a period drama should be—relevant, timely, and still tons of fun to watch. But why tell you that you should be watching it instead of telling you why? Let’s dive in. Continue reading