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Doctor Who 3.10 – Blink

Don’t blink. EVER AGAIN! *buys you all eyeball paste*

Late at night, a woman breaks into an abandoned mansion to photograph it. Then she leaves for home and a nice hot cup of chamomile, musing on decay and the sublime.  Ahaha, NO.  Eerie silence + Gothic setting = BEWARE THE WEEPING ANGELS written under peeling wallpaper!  It spells trouble with a capital “T”!  By which I mean a warning from Ten (though River City’s pool table, still a cause for grave concern).  Continue reading

Doctor Who 7.05 – The Angels Take Manhattan

Amy and the Doctor read ahead, despite trying to avoid endings.

New York: the city of a million stories, or the city of A MILLION EVIL STATUES?  Let’s say both as we open in a classic noir vein, the steady thump of typewriter keying accompanying a sardonic voice over!  Detective Garner takes a job investigating “living statues that moved in the dark,” because that is sure to end well!

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