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Game of Thrones 2.6 – The Old Gods and The New

I love Sister, she loves me. We love Brother, yessirree!

Previously! Not one minute is wasted from right out of the gate this episode, so better take your potty break, get a fresh drink, and snap into a Slim Jim right now, because it’s a hold-your-breath event from here out. (Mostly because Slim Jim breath is really gross, you guys. Never trust a food that you can wring grease out of, or that “Rowdy Rod” Piper endorsed. He’s dead, okay? I hope you’re proud of yourself, now.)

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Game of Thrones 2.2 – The Night Lands

It’s Mage FIre Crotch and King Whiner, ready to alienate themselves further.

Previously on Game of Thrones: baby killing! Baby dragons! Stannis whining like a titty baby! A LOT OF BABIES, is what I’m getting at. And we had yet another place revealed on the map, Pyke, home of the Greyjoys – but is it a home to Theon? Note: neither this show, nor this recap, is for the uptight or squeamish. We’re going blue. Continue reading

Game of Thrones 2.1 – The North Remembers

Nobody loves me…it’s true. Not like you do.

PREVIOUSLY ON GAME OF THRONES: 800 pages of incest, murder, gore, Direwolfs, Wight Walkers, whores, clockwork maps, and dragons! And for the record: noble, honorable men get their heads removed. So…rethink that whole “play by the rules” thing. Not in this game. It pays to be canny.  Continue reading