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Spartacus: Vengeance – 2.10 – Wrath of the Gods

(I am so, so sorry that I ever questioned this show’s dedication to utter insanity, y’all. I will never make such a sad mistake again, because this was everything a season finale should be and so much more.)

The rebels spend another cold night atop Vesuvius, overlooking the firelit Roman camps below. Their own supplies are running low, both firewood and food alike. Spartacus has his Gravely Concerned Leader face on, but he eventually breaks into a small smile under the force of Mira’s quiet confidence in him and his leadership skills. Sparty’s glad that Mira is there, as always, to drag him out of his emo musings, and tells her so. Her lighthearted response is nevertheless heartbreaking, when she says it’s “a talent I pray your next woman holds.”


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