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Boardwalk Empire 3.05 – You’d Be Surprised

We open with a scene not for children that blows my mind in all the right ways… Continue reading

Boardwalk Empire: 3.03 — Bone for Tuna

If you don’t know the meaning of the title, don’t worry. Neither did I. But the writers tell us in the episode, so you’ll have to wait until we get there. This week opens with Nucky having a nightmare – he can’t reach Billie on the phone, he sees a young boy in front of him who he starts to cook up some back for and ends up shooting when the frying pan turns into a gun. It’s unsettling to me and worse for Nucky. Eddie wakes him to say Margaret’s on the phone, that the Bishop’s representative is there to go over the plans for his award ceremony and she’s not letting Nucky out of it. After hanging up with her, he asks Eddie if Billie has called and she has not. Foreshadowing? Maybe. Continue reading

The Borgias 206—Day of Ashes

Last week ended with Pope Daddy declaring “we must atone for our sins.” Good thing it’s Lent then, the perfect season for atonement.

We open with Pope Daddy smearing ashes on peoples foreheads (something that freaked me out the first time I saw it, which was in college— I grew up around Southern Baptists. No ashes, just full body immersion baptisms. I don’t know which is creepier.) “Dust thou art, and to dust thou shall return.” There’s a very old woman there and the pope kneels before her and washes her feet. In the back Della Rovere, the unnamed Friar, and the soon-to-be-taster watch the spectacle, calling it out as a show. Della Rovere points out the pope’s current taster. Continue reading

The Borgias 2.05 – The Choice

Wow. I had a rough evening and day and this got away from me. Sorry for the delay everyone. In better news, The Borgias has been renewed for a third season. Woo hoo! Hopefully that means more of what we got this week — the hot, the  sexy, and the  surprising. And there was some religious stuff too. So come on in and see who banged whom this week (with pictures).

Continue reading

The Borgias 204—Stray Dogs

We open at the square of the Vatican and Vittorio explains to Pope Daddy that the cannons were plaster. PD then confirms that deception has a place in warfare… as in life.

Micheletto arrives with Bad news for his dear Cesare. He leads him off on horseback to a fire.  It’s St. Cecilia’s Continue reading