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Glee! 3.13 – Heart

Meet: The Daddies Berry, and get a glimpse of who Klaine will become.

Holy cow, gang, we caught a glimpse of Kurt and Blaine as fathers. Rachel’s Daddies = Future Klaine (and nothing hurts). It’s Valentine’s Day! Oh, manufactured holiday, I love you for making chocolate 75% off on the 15th. Thank you. Our episode cocktail is crazy delicious and crazy appropriate: Besame Mucho! Continue reading

Glee! 3.12 – Spanish Teacher

Ay, Señor Martinez es muy guapo, sí? And I’m not the only one who thought so. In fact, one Kurt Hummel seemed to be a little lip-bitey around him. In honor of the incredibly delicious Ricky Martin as the guest, our cocktail for this episode is Mis Pantalones es en Fuego! (Para tu, Papi.) Continue reading

Glee! 3.11 – Michael


Uh oh, it's college acceptance letter time.

I don’t know how they packed so much story around all the songs, but well done, Glee. The kids find out which colleges they’re going to, Artie busts a mother truckin’ groove, and even though I cringed in a few places, they rocked the Michael episode. In honor of getting rocked by a Jackson, today’s cocktail is for those who know the backstory on the Jackson 5: The Gary, Indiana. (Better watch yourself, or Joe’ll get the belt!) Continue reading

Glee! 3.09 – Yes/No

Best stunt casting ever. Also, thank you for shirtless Sam, Powers That Be. I mean that in a non-creepy way.

Well, this episode was aptly named. Yes to so much! And…no to things too. Today’s cocktail is in honor of the opening number and my undying love for making dirty jokes about Grease, even though it’s dirty enough on its own. Pink Lady (with a T-Bird Finish.) I’m a bad girl. (It’s subtle.) Continue reading

Top Chef 9.7 – Game On

A HUGE shock awaits us.  Huge. Also, there is a WALL OF TEQUILA in one scene.  Seeing that felt like my ancestors were giving me a standing ovation and Bradley Cooper soul kissed me. Before we get into that, it’s the last day in DFW and they’re remembering the FW portion of the locale.  Time to head over to Fort Worth, where the West begins: we’re cookin’ up wild game. Continue reading

Glee! 3.09 – Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Their holiday is automatically better than yours. That's the real Chewbacca there!

It’s the one where they forgot the Gays and the Jews!  Pfft, what do they have to do with Christmas anyway, right?  Since I am sans computer, we’re going without a Special Cocktail today for this Special Episode, but if you pour a generous amount of rum in some eggnog, I’ll join you.

Continue reading

Glee! 3.08 – Hold On To Sixteen

They both just agreed to love me. I SEE WHAT I WANT TO SEE, OKAY?

Sectionals!  A veritable whiplash of story wrap up in a ridiculous amount of time!  But this week it’s all about hanging on to your youth, because once that’s gone, what do you have left?  Nothing.  Being young is everything.  EVERYTHING.  It’s the cat’s pajamas!   And so this week’s cocktail is the Bee’s Knees. Continue reading

Glee! 3.7 – I Kissed A Girl

This also is not kissing a girl. And Tina's not feeling it, huh?

Once again we’re reminded that the Glee writers don’t watch their own show. There have been some pretty solid episodes, and then they have episodes like this one where they cram way too much in, and can’t remember what the focus is. Oh well, they do this every season, hopefully they’ve gotten it out of their system.

And in spite of the title, there is no girl kissing by other girls in this episode. But there are election results, which is why we have our featured cocktail, Kiss Me, I’m President. Continue reading

Glee 3.06 – Mash-Off

Chris Colfer described his outfit as Princess Leia, early Ewok.

He's not wrong.










Oooh, this episode went dark.  Which I love.  But there is going to be backlash, I can just feel it.  Because Finn angered our resident Latina de Lima Heights, today’s drink is Un Alcahuete. (If you speak Mexican slang, este es muy comico.) Continue reading

Glee 3.05 – The First Time

I'm sorry, can't speak. Heart exploded from perfect Klaine moment.

Have we all stopped sobbing?  EH MEH GHED, THEY ARE THE SWEETEST.  Okay, just be warned, I’m going to be squealing in dolphin noises, so.  I mean, the MUSIC.  They busted out the Roxy Music.  Cannot. Deal. With all the emotions!!  But let’s get our drink out, because I need one to calm my nerves.  (And HA, world, I stayed unspoiled!)  Tonight’s drink is in honor of…well, a certain special thing. Pink Pucker.  (I can’t help who I am, okay?) Continue reading